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Now that I think about it…

We moved the clocks back an hour this weekend. 

This moving the clocks back means that I got to sleep in an extra hour this morning and that is good.

It also means however that I now have to make dinner in the dark, and that's not so good. 

Making dinner in the dark makes me tired.

Actually making beds, working, doing laundry, driving to kids activities, talking, shopping, baking, cleaning, and parenting makes me tired too.

So, the rant about moving the clocks back making me tired, that I was just about to write?

Never mind.

5 thoughts on “Now that I think about it…

  1. Hey Leanne – thanks for stopping by my blog – I think you’re the newest reader I’ve had in long time who wasn’t spam from Asia! Actually, I haven’t even read my blog in the last few months, so count me doubly impressed.
    I was grateful for the extra hour, as it gave me an excuse not to feel too badly that I let two Gr. 2 gals stay up until past 10:00 on a sleepover night.
    I can’t believe I haven’t stumbled upon your blog before – you’re hilarious. And I’m tired and in Southern Ontario too – so we’ve got a lot in common ;)!


  2. I hate coming home in the dark! Luckily, I am on ‘flex time’ and leave work at 4:30 pm so I am still able to get home in plenty of daylight during the winter months.
    I must admit, not having to change the clock is one of my most favorite things about living in Saskatchewan! 😉
    xo Catherine


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