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It’s just good to be nice…

Tomorrow is Random Acts of Kindness day here in my hometown. A local community group printed up 60,000 kindness cards for the day and the idea is that each card is to be passed on when a random kind act is done in hopes that the person who receives it will do something equally kind and then pass the card on again. 

Now, where I live is pretty nice and I honestly do see people here practicing kind acts most days. I often see people smiling at each other, opening doors and giving to charities.

But you know what? 60,000 cards is a lot of cards.

Which got me wondering. How many people actually live in my town?

The answer I found (thank goodness for web sites) is 165,000.

So, that means roughly every second or third person I know is going to get a card.

Which means that if we all get kind and pass these 60,000 cards around it could potentially be a very busy day in my town tomorrow.

I mean I can see everyone running around passing out the cards and just trying to get rid of one before someone is kind and hands them another.

It could be a kindness passing card frenzy!

My town might just get kindness crazy.

As for me?

I'll be hiding at home.

I'm not up to this kinda pressure.


4 thoughts on “It’s just good to be nice…

  1. I’m intrigued. Even if you stay home, statistically your family could still be kind. Kindness could follow them home, and a card could still make its way to you… I’m liking this idea, but I’m feeling pretty safe from the pressure from across the miles.


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