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It’s not close enough yet…

I was at the local mall today buying myself jeans.

And while I was there I discovered that there is something that can put me in a worse mood then trying on jeans. 

Okay, something that can even put me in a worse mood then trying on a swimsuit or jeans.

This other thing?

Hearing Christmas music on mall speakers on November 1st.

I mean, come on people, I haven't even got my Halloween decorations put away yet. I need at least a week before I can start thinking about Christmas.



Maybe those kids with ear buds and iPods blasting their own music into their heads are on to something….


4 thoughts on “It’s not close enough yet…

  1. I like a story and that is why I like to shop local. On a hot, humid day in summer I will bike up a very big hill to get some Nestrovich peaches. Part of the joy is to get a smile and a little tale out of the Mr’s Nestrovich. One legend is that the grandfather stopped in England on his way over from Russia, he was delayed a bit longer than planned because he literally missed the boat. Would he have enjoyed the company of the unsinkable Molly Brown had he managed to get on the Titanic?


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