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Grrr. It’s Halloween!

It's almost Halloween.

Although I'm not a big fan of this particular holiday, I still put up a few decorations.

My only issue is that my kids want to put up scary things. They want blood and gore but I tend to buy cute and smiley decorations.

It annoys them, but it works for me.

But last night as I was putting out the Halloween things I suddenly heard a strange noise. 

'What's that?' I asked.

'It's Sadie,' my youngest daughter replied.  

'What's she doing?' I asked.

'I thinks she's growling,' she replied.

I didn't recognize the sound because Sadie, who is only six months old, has never growled before. 

But here she was tonight, all seven pounds of her, tail tucked between her legs, head down grumbling out deep woofs and growls. 

At this,


I know, terrifying right? It's about two feet tall and made of wood.

So, kids? My decorations are scary.

Mama wins.

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