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Check out time is 25.

There's a sign for sale at a local gift shop that reads, 

"Check out time is 18".


Now, my kids are still young and right now I have no interest in them leaving the nest. But I am reading with increasing frequency about 'kids' who are still living at home when they are in their forties.


I'm in my forties.

Shoot, I love my parents but we'd probably have killed each other if I was still even thinking about living at home. 

Now I know stuff happens and sometimes people have to move back home, but gesh, these stories are about kids who have NEVER left their parent's place.

So, now I'm worried. My kids have it pretty good here. I do just about everything for them and it's a pretty nice house we live in.

I love my kids and I don't want them to leave home anytime soon.

But um, children? Check out time? Let's say it's 25. Okay?

2 thoughts on “Check out time is 25.

  1. I have been getting jittery reading those same sorts of articles. The whole point of teaching them Life Skills was so they would grow up to be independent. Doesn’t that imply that they should live somewhere else before they turn 30?


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