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Poor Puppy. Stupid Man.

Dear Tired Papa,

Feeding a six pound puppy an ENTIRE cheeseburger is a bad idea.

Unless of course you like cleaning up dog puke.

The paper towels are on the kitchen counter.


Tired Mama

3 thoughts on “Poor Puppy. Stupid Man.

  1. Good morning, Flann. I spent most of the day watching 9/11 TV coverage. As I said earlier, most of the weekend I had the same physical reactions as I did the day it happened. Same tight chest, same knot in the pit of my stomach. So much so that by the afternoon, I got out a bucket, some soap and bleach, and scrubbed my porch, including the ceiling of the porch, while I kept an eye on the football games. It’s amazing how cleaning helps. I don’t know that 9/11 will ever be a typical day for us, much as December 7th was never the same for those who endured Pearl Harbor.


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