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Rain, rain, go away…

Because we planned to spend lots of time at the cottage this summer I told my kids we were limiting the days they were spending at camp.

I also told them that they had to think long and hard about how badly they wanted to play summer sports because I didn't want to be stuck driving back and forth all summer long from the lake to the city for baseball, soccer or whatever else they wanted to participate in.

So, we are indeed spending time at the lake this summer.

A lot of time.

And today?

Today it's raining.

And all this together time?

Yeah, it's um, a challenge.

But my three kids? They are actually being great – they are playing board games, reading, playing with the puppy, drawing, playing cards together and generally getting along.

It's lovely.

Then however there's my fourth child. Yes, that's the one that is five years older than I am.

I tell you, if I hear one more complaint out of him about how cottages are better in the sun, I will be filing for divorce. Seriously, the man needs a hobby that doesn't include golf clubs or a boat.

Hubby? Have a nap. 

Trust me you need it. 

And I thought toddlers got really cranky.



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