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Double Whammy


That’s the sound that woke me up this morning at about 3 am.

I was alone, up here in the woods, with just the cat and the dog for company so I couldn’t just roll over and nudge hubby. I had to investigate myself.

So, I dragged myself from bed.

The dog was sound asleep. So much for being my guard dog – she obviously heard nothing.

The cat couldn’t be found – another helpful animal.

So, after a quick walk about and after sleepily finding nothing really out of place I decided my silver feline must have knocked something off a shelf and was now in hiding so I took my groggy self back to bed.

This morning I went to open the sliding glass patio doors and one pane looked like this:

July 30, 2011 - Cottage Pictures 010

Yes, it's beautiful but it’s also going to fall all over my walkway and so it's now something I've added to the ‘needs to be fixed list’.

Yeah, that list.

That long long looooong list.


5 thoughts on “Double Whammy

  1. That happened at our first house. It was during a heat wave and I guess the tempering of the glass wasn’t done quite right. Look for the serial number on the glass in the corner, if you still have it and call the manufacturer. Our fix was done free as it was a manufacturer defect!


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