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It’s Spring!

The sun is out.

The spring weather is finally starting to feel warm and I need to uh, finish some work and go grocery shopping today.

But today, the writing is just not going well and I don't feel like going into a grocery store – it's cold and dark in there.

So, instead, I've opened windows, I've played with the cat, I've emptied half the dishwasher and I've texted and e-mailed several friends.

I've been on Facebook for a while and I've thrown out some mail today too. I’ve made my bed and I've wandered around my house and thought about the fact that I don't feel like sitting down and doing my work.

In other words, I've accomplished nothing today.

And I've decided to blame the warm weather.

Because I don't want to be working and doing chores, I want to be outside playing in my garden or just reading a book in the sun.

But I won't go and let myself just do those things because I'm supposed to be working and getting groceries.

So, instead of just getting the work done and letting myself get out there I am sulking and accomplishing nothing.


I have become one of my children.



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