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Milk is a start, right?

Things have been a little chaotic lately.

My youngest is involved in a music festival that has been taking up all my time, my hubby has been travelling, I've taken on more work, and all three kids have school, numerous activities and their friends.

It's just been busy and because of that the household stuff has been left to slide a little.

Okay, things are sliding a lot.

I finally had a few hours free this afternoon so I started picking up around here, going through mail, doing dishes, throwing in laundry and I stopped on the way home and got a few groceries too.

Then, I got back to the house and started to put things away.

But when I opened the fridge I discovered that we had milk.

Now I know yesterday we were almost out of milk, but today?

There is milk in my fridge.

There is milk in my fridge that I didn't buy or ask anyone to buy.

That never happens.

I questioned my oldest daughter and discovered that she and her father had stopped on the way home from swimming last night and bought milk because they noticed we were out.

'It was no big deal, Mom', she informed me.

Well yes, it actually is.

You see, I've been the 'part-time-stay-at-home-Mom-trying-to-do-everything' around here for so long that I wasn't really sure what my family actually knew to do for themselves.

But now I am thinking maybe we really will survive if I go back to work full time. Maybe my family really will notice when things are running out or things need to get done around here. Maybe my family really can take the initiative for completing household chores. 

Maybe it won't be as chaotic as I fear around here.

Or maybe, we'll just have lots of milk.


2 thoughts on “Milk is a start, right?

  1. I’m kind of in awe. We have recently reached the stage where items are identified just before they are exhausted/worn out/required for class/work/the special event that started five minutes ago. It’s baby steps, but I seriously think they could one day show the kind of initiative that led to your spontaneous milk replacement.


  2. I am very impressed that your family went out of the way to actually pick up something that was running low. I can’t even get my family to tell me if we are running out of something. I don’t think anyone else but me notices.


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