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Go back to school, please.

My kids are back at school.

Thank goodness.

My children had an exceptionally long spring break this year and because we didn't go anywhere they were home for uh, far too long.

We had some fun and for the most part they got along.

But the mess. I can't believe the mess my kids make!

My kids are slobs.

Everything is everywhere when they are home and nothing EVER gets cleaned or put away.

I yell. I remind. I throw things out.

Nothing changes.

My husband says they are just being kids. That's easy for him to say, he goes to a nice tidy office all day that gets professionally cleaned each night.

Frequently, during spring break, I found myself daydreaming about my kids moving out and my house staying tidy for longer then ten minutes.

I'm told I'll miss these messy days when my kids are grown and gone.

Yeah, well – try me.


4 thoughts on “Go back to school, please.

  1. I can’t stand the mess. The worst is the socks. My kids will remove socks wherever they are standing when the mood strikes and I have random socks all over my house. It’s a wonder I can come up with a pair at any time.


  2. I know exactly what you mean!!!
    And, like Anne, my youngest takes her socks off ANYWHERE she is–and leaves them there.
    The mess is awful, the sheer volume of dirty dishes everywhere, and the speed at which the toilet paper all disappears is astonishing. We start spring break tomorrow afternoon and I’m not looking forward to the mess and the choruses of “I’m bored” that are bound to pop up. Although, I’m looking forward to sleeping in! 🙂


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