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Tea for uh, me!

I've been drinking more tea lately.

I've never really liked coffee and since I seem to be spending more time at coffee shops these days, either stealing power and writing on my laptop or grabbing some quick social time there with friends, I feel obligated to order something – so green tea it is.

I have actually begun to like green tea so much that I even make myself a cup now and again at home.

But, here's the thing, I like my green tea straight. I mean I want nothing in it. I just want them to give me a cup of hot water and a tea bag.

So um, how does one order that?

Black green tea?

That seems like too many colors.

Green tea straight up?

Virgin green tea? 

Empty green tea?

Green tea straight?

Anyone know?

I'm tired of sputtering at the order-counter like an idiot.

4 thoughts on “Tea for uh, me!

  1. When I order iced tea that I have to specify unsweet tea or risk being handed a glass of syrup over ice. (ew.) Hot tea is enough of an anomaly in Texas, that no one would think to add anything to it. Maybe ask for plain green tea?


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