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Up and up and up.

My oldest daughter is two years and ten months older than her brother and my youngest daughter is two years and six months younger than her brother.

As my three children have grown there has always been roughly about a head difference in height between them.

I must admit I always thought it was cute that when they stood in birth order there was a step pattern by age in terms of height. I have literally thousands of pictures, taken through the years, of them lined up from oldest to youngest – girl, boy, girl – tallest to shortest.

Until now.

I was looking at them yesterday from a distance, as they did something with their father, and I realized my thirteen year old son is now much taller than his ten year old sister. In fact, my son is quickly catching up in height to his sixteen year old sister.

And you know what? It made me sad.

That height spacing is now gone – forever. It won't be long until my son is as tall and then taller then his older sister. That step pattern might come back at some point but it will no longer be by birth order because soon my middle child will be the tallest of my children.

They're growing up and up and up.

And I know it's a good thing and it's something that has to happen, but honestly? Tonight it's just making me sad.

Pass the wine.


3 thoughts on “Up and up and up.

  1. I’ll pass you some wine, and then pour myself a glass too! This is just so funny reading your post because just today when I was picking up my 1st grader, I realized he had somehow stretched way past his friend in that class–and is almost to my shoulder! He just looks so ‘big’ now, no longer my baby boy. I told my husband how sad I was feeling–I am barely used to my daughter so tall at 13, and so grown-up….sigh. Ready for a second glass?


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