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One-on-one time

My kids are off of school this week for their spring break.

Yes, all three are home together and we have nothing planned. This is the first time EVER that we've had a spring break and not gone somewhere.


Surprisingly enough there's been no real fights or problems. They must be getting old. Older. Old enough? Old something.

Anyway, tomorrow we're going to drag them all out TOGETHER for some family time but over the last few days I've managed to carve out some one-on-one time with each child – just each one and me.

It's been nice, we've talked, we've shopped, and we've fixed some stuff. I've had multiple uninterrupted hours with just one child at a time. I've managed to do it with all three.

Points for Mom/Me!

Then tonight? Hubby was home and I suggested we take in a late movie. Since I had time with the kids I thought he and I should share some one-on-one time too.

He agreed, but later when I suggested we get going to the show, he informed me he wanted to watch the end of the hockey game instead.



So, I sat down with him and watched the game too. Just me, him, our son and uh, forty guys on the TV with helmets and sticks.

Romantic? Uh, no. One-on-one time with hubby? Uh, not really.

But I'm giving myself points for effort and for knowing that you can't fight a guy when his team is in a playoff run. 

Besides, we still have four days left of spring break….

4 thoughts on “One-on-one time

  1. This is the first year in many that we have not taken a real vacation. I have to admit, I did get to spend more quality time with the kids:) I wish March Break was 2 weeks long!


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