I make my bed and I lie in it.

I make my bed every morning.

I do. You wouldn't expect that of little disorganized me, would you?

But I do it because it helps me think.

Yep. I have to slow down for those three minutes every morning when I make my bed and while I'm doing that I usually take those few minutes to figure out what the heck is supposed to happen that day.

It's about the time that I'm throwing my pillows in the direction of the headboard that I usually realize that everything that should get done on a particular day simply isn't going to get done and then I start yelling at the kids to get moving, get in the car, brush their teeth, check to see if the cat has food, pack their school supplies and uh, all the rest.

But for the first few seconds of the morning when I start making my bed?

I am calm, organized and hopeful. 

It's nice to have a few minutes of peace before the panic sets in, ya know?

4 thoughts on “I make my bed and I lie in it.

  1. that ‘s so funny. i do the same thing and if i want to emphasize to someone how fraught with expectations and issues my life is, i can say, i didn’t even make my bed.


  2. I do this, too, simply as a way to tell myself that there is one task I’m up to date on. This is why we use no top sheet, one comforter, and three pillows. Very, very easy.


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