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I’m so uncool – I’m now cool.

I've been blogging for just over seven years. And yeah, I know I'm not one of those really-important-a-thousand-people-read-me bloggers but I do okay.

In real life when I tell people that I blog I usually get a funny look.

Blogging, I always thought, is not cool.

I was okay with that.

But I opened a magazine earlier tonight, as I was waiting for my son to get his haircut, and it stated that the number one influence in 2010 was Lady Gaga. And in the number two place was, drumroll please,  Bloggers.


Lady Gaga. Bloggers. I can't believe I'm even writing that on the same line.

And then tonight as I was watching American Idol a Ford commercial came on and quoted things that bloggers were posting about Ford's new cars. This was a fancy expensive commercial and they quoted bloggers. It was like our voices, our words, were suddenly important.


And next month? I'm starting to blog for two businesses. Two. And they're going to pay me to do it.


So uncool – it's the new cool.

Go, us!  

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