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A whole heap of love…. and other stuff

When we renovated our back hall last year we put in a mud room.

In this mud room we built three locker type closets - one for each of my children. Each locker has hooks inside it so that my kids can hang up their coats, backpacks and school stuff. Each locker also has two shelves where my kids can stack their boots and books.

I really didn't expect anything to get neatly put away. I did however naively assume that each child would open their locker door, throw their stuff inside and then slam the door quick enough so nothing fell out.


My kids still walk in the back door, drop everything inside the entrance and then carry on about their business.


It. drives. me. crazy.

Yesterday I almost took up the heap of boots, coats, books, mitts and assorted crap and threw it out the back door into a snow bank.

But I didn't. I didn't because it's wet and snowy here and some of that EXPENSIVE stuff that I have shopped, bought and paid GOOD money for could have gotten ruined.

So, I yelled instead and I threatened my kids. And yesterday everything got slowly picked up and put away by my kids.

And today?

Today, everything is in a big heap at the back door again.


4 thoughts on “A whole heap of love…. and other stuff

  1. It must be a kid thing. My kids drop everything wherever they are standing at the moment inspiration strikes. I think your mudroom sounds fabulous and I am extraordinarily jealous.


  2. This warms the cockles of my heart. We have the EXACT same set up (my husband made the lockers) and the kids do the EXACT same thing. I, also, just want to throw things into the snow, but instead yell. Also producing no results.
    It’s good to know that I’m not alone in this fight against chaos.


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