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Is there a rating system for bumper stickers?

I was following a truck today that had a bumper sticker on it that read, 'Dodge the father. Ram the daughter.'

Yeah, it was on a Dodge Ram 4X4 truck.


I'm all for free speech, but really?


It's icy in my part of the world, but I found myself leaving even more space between this truck and my van so I was very sure that I wouldn't slide into it and then be forced to stop and have to find out who the person was that puts this kinda stuff on their vehicle.

Maybe that was their whole point.

Personally, I hope they were just passing through.

7 thoughts on “Is there a rating system for bumper stickers?

  1. Unfortunatly they were probably from my part of the world. I see those types all too often!
    I couldn’t agree more, I mean really, you need to put that on your car?


  2. Classy isn’t the word I’d choose to describe that, but, yes, I used to see those types a lot back home… not so much here. Then again, maybe I’m just blind to them now?


  3. I agree – that’s wrong and gross on so many levels. Also on the WHY?! List: the cartoon boy (who is supposed to look like Calvin, but doesn’t) peeing. On anything. I know that the little boy peeing on the Ford symbol sticker on your Dodge truck is supposed to show your disdain for Fords, but have you thought that maybe it also is free advertising for Ford? On your Dodge?


  4. Saw a F450 the other day with a bright shiny gold ballsack hanging beneath its number. Like it wasn’t enough to have testicles on may truck, so’s I had ’em goldplated. Compensate much?


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