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I have a cold.

I ab a old.

My eyes are all gucky. My ears and nose are clogged.

My head feels like it weighs ten pounds.

I want to lie down and relax but I can't stop sneezing.

I plan on taking it easy today but first I need to take the cat in for dental surgery, tidy up the kitchen, put gas in the car, throw over the laundry, grocery shop, type up, proof and send a school e-mail and shovel the driveway. I also need to take and pick up my three kids from school and then take them to math class, swimming, piano and hockey tonight.

Somewhere today I will also take a call from my hubby, who is working on the west coast this week, who will mention that I sound kinda funny and then will completely forget about it until he calls again – and I still sound funny.

It's just a cold. It's not bad enough for me to shut everything down.

All I probably need is a kiss on the forehead, an afternoon on the sofa wrapped in a blanket watching cartoons with someone to come along once in a while to check me for a temperature and to try to get me to eat some soup.

That's what I need.

But it's the Mom that does that.

And that would be uh, me. 

Hmmm. I guess I'd better go look for a can opener.

And crackers. I like crackers in my soup.



2 thoughts on “I have a cold.

  1. I’m sorry you feel so icky. I think I had the real live flu last week. I admire your diligence to get things done, still. I COULD. NOT. GET. UP. for two days.
    And you are so right – I really wanted somebody to baby me while I lay around and tried not to cry.
    Hope you feel better soon.


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