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Learning from the master

Yesterday at the dinner table some good natured teasing between my children started to tip over to the side of being nasty.

'Stop it,' I told them, 'you're just being mean.'

'We're just kidding,' declared my son, glaring at his little sister who looked like she was about to cry, 'besides she's gotta learn how to take sarcasm,' he said pointedly.

'No, she doesn't,' I replied. 'And the sarcasm in this family has got to stop too.'

I then continued to plunk dinner on the table. 

A few minutes later I noticed that my children were all silently staring at me.

'What?' I asked.

'Um, Mom? Seriously? I mean you're probably one of the most sarcastic people I know,' my eldest informed me.



I am not.

Okay, maybe once in a while. But it's better than telling someone they're an idiot, right?


'Just eat your dinner,' I told them.

Some fights I'm just not gonna win.

5 thoughts on “Learning from the master

  1. my 11yo finds it highly unfair that I can be sarcastic but she gets in trouble… I tell her that in more than 3 times her lifespan, I’ve EARNED the right to my sarcasm. She doesn’t buy that, but like I can stop being sarcastic now!


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