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Older than dirt.

Well, it's official. I am OLD.

I took my daughter to get her learner's permit today. In my town this is known as getting a G1 license.

She passed.

Yesterday my beautiful baby turned sixteen and today she can drive.


My girl will be a good driver, that's not the problem. The problem is basically that MY DAUGHTER IS OLD ENOUGH TO DRIVE.

Yes, all caps.

This means I am no longer nineteen. Hell, I'm no longer even in my thirties.

I am healthy and I am loved. Yes, I know that I am all sorts of good things.

But today? Today, I have a daughter who is old enough to drive.

Let's just wallow in that for a while, shall we?

We'll get back to being positive tomorrow.

Or next week.


5 thoughts on “Older than dirt.

  1. I just have to warn you that there’s really NOTHING more stressful (for everyone) that driving with someone armed with a G1 permit. Somehow it’s not enough to have to attend to the 1001 things as a driver, there has to be fight going on too. Gah.


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