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Go home Rudolph. Now.

Reindeer Car 
Have you seen any of these around?

Yeah, the stupid little reindeer antlers and red noses that they're now making for cars.


I don't get it.

I mean I love all things cute. Little noses on things, big eyes, puffy faces or anything with a cute bitty face and usually you got me. I must have owned a million stuffed animals when I was a kid. I like cute. I really do.

But these car reindeer things? These are just weird.

Now I get that Christmas decorating is a personal thing. Some people like to decorate simple, some people like it glittery and some people like to fill every square inch of their home with Christmas crap. I'm okay with all that too, so when I first saw cars decorated like Rudolph, I thought it was stupid, but I also thought - live and let live.

But reindeer-car-people?

Christmas is OVER.

I know - news flash!

But really, take the crap off of your cars – the reindeers came a week ago.

It's done. Sad, I know, but done.

Christmas lights I can handle being left on until the end of the year, but the whole reindeer thing is for the big red guy and that's a one night gig. 


Oh, and if I see this crap stuff still on your cars in June? I'm calling the Christmas police.

You've been warned.

7 thoughts on “Go home Rudolph. Now.

  1. hmm, noticed that the one the you showed was on a volkswagen, kind of looking like ours. And, I even kind of, well a little, considered buying one of these for the bigger vehicle. Now I am very glad I didn’t, lol. Happy New years, and yes, the holiday stuff is going away this weekend!


  2. This just proves that we live at the back end of Nowheresville. I haven’t seen those yet, but rest assured the 2011 season will most likely show me enough of them.


  3. I should probably keep this to myself, but I think the reindeerfied cars are cute 🙂
    After January 1st though, all the decorations should really be gone!


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