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Sing out loud, sing out strong..

Have you ever noticed how people sing a lot at Christmas?

I don't mean at places they are supposed to sing, like concerts or sing-along performances but people seem to be singing around me everywhere these days. 

I was in the mall and people were singing along with the piped-in music as they shopped. I was at the library and people were humming carols in the stacks. While I was walking along the street yesterday I heard kids singing Christmas tunes as they slid along on the ice.

And all these people weren't quiet either, most of them were singing loudly and clearly. Slightly off tune maybe, but that's okay.

So, what is it about Christmas carols that makes people want to sing?

It's weird. 

But you know what?

It's nice. Really nice.  

So, keep singing everyone. I don't quite get it and I'm not sure I'm going to join you, but I I like it.

It's a little weird – but I like it.

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