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I may get my picture yet.

I went Christmas shopping yesterday. I was being totally indecisive so I didn't get much done, but I did have a nice time looking at all the decorations and listening to the Christmas music. My local mall has a particularly nice looking Santa this year, he's plump, friendly and his beard even looks real.

As I stopped for a minute to watch all the little children go up for a visit with Mr. Claus I found myself remembering my own children's visits to Santa. My girls were always a little scared but they usually went bravely up, handed over their letters and smiled for a picture. 

My son? He simply refused to go near the dear old man. My boy was having nothing to do with the mall Santa's and he would pitch a fit whenever my hubby or I would try to encourage him to go up with his sisters for a visit. 

So, in my family album I have many pictures of Santa Claus with my daughters and none at all of him with my son.

But yesterday, as I stood watching all the little children line up for their visit with the red dressed guy, I noticed that this year my mall has fairies working as Santa's helpers.

These aren't just any fairies though; our local Santa has cute, teen-aged girl fairies working for him this year. He also has these adorable teen girls all decked out in short skirts, glittery wings and tight-fitting low-cut tops. These young ladies all had long legs, brilliant smiles and gorgeous floaty hair.

Did I mention my son is now thirteen?


I may have finally found a way to convince my son to visit Santa.

Hello fairies? Can I ask you for a favor?

And could you get him to smile for a picture too? 

2 thoughts on “I may get my picture yet.

  1. You have to do what you have to do and if that means getting a photo of your 13 year old with Santa to include him in the photo album, that is what you need to do :).


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