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It’s that time of the year…

I'm too busy to blog. It's Christmas!

I'm shopping.

I'm baking.

I'm putting up Christmas decorations.

Have you ever noticed that EVERY magazine you pick up these days has an article on its cover about how to simplify Christmas, or how to have a stress free Christmas?

Tomorrow, I need to do my Christmas cards and finish putting up my outdoor decorations.

I don't have enough stocking stuffers for my kids either so I plan on going shopping.

We got the tree yesterday and put it in the stand, but we still need to decorate it.

Hmm, I'm behind on the laundry and we need groceries too.

I wonder what all those magazine articles actually say? Stress free? Simple?

I'm thinking - no.

But really? Who has the time to actually read the darn things and check?


4 thoughts on “It’s that time of the year…

  1. Our tree is up with only lights at this point – I’m fairly certain it’s going to stay that way 🙂 cooking and baking and cleaning and wiping noses… fa la la la la la la la LA!


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