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Un-subscribe, un-subscribe and just go AWAY.

I just got an e-mail that asked if I had made a meal plan for the week.


I mean, seriously.

Do I even know what I'm having for lunch in an hour?


I hate these 'get-your-stupid-family-organized' e-mails I get from Mom blogs and magazines.

I know they are intended to help, but really? They just make me feel bad.

Have you ever noticed that 'You make me feel inadequate' is never an option that you can check when you're un-subscribing from a parenting magazine or blog list?

I mean give me a break, I'm doing the best I can over here.

As for a meal plan? We plan on eating.

Halloween candy maybe. I know I've got lots of that. Will that do?


7 thoughts on “Un-subscribe, un-subscribe and just go AWAY.

  1. that’s hilarious! you’re awesome…. i am totally the same…. but even when I do plan meals, when the time comes around we might not feel like what we planned and eat something totally different…


  2. So funny. I get those emails too and I enjoy them. Do I cook? No, as empty-nesters, we eat out more than often. But its nice to think that somewhere out there some family is getting balanced meals. Mine sure didn’t. Heck, they were excited when it was Hamburger Helper night! LOL.


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