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Out with the trashy

In his home office in-tray Tired Papa usually keeps the bills that need to be paid and any pending family correspondence. Tonight? There's a Barbie doll in there too.

You see tonight my youngest daughter is off at a camp with her school. So while she's away I decided to clean her room and throw out some of the crap  garbage stuff she was stock-piling. At the bottom of her closet I found a broken Barbie doll. 

But this broken Barbie doll wasn't pouting, she was smiling. And this Barbie doll had hardly any make-up painted on her little plastic face, her hair was brushed back in a smooth pony-tail and she was even dressed in something I might actually let a child of mine leave the house wearing.

Wonder of wonders - I found a Barbie doll that doesn't look like a hooker.

So, since my fingers were not strong enough to push the different parts of this doll back into place I gently put her, and her assorted parts, into my hubby's in-basket for him to fix. I think all this doll needs is some major limb realignment and then she'll be as good as new.

As for all the Bratz and other trashy dolls I found? They went into the garbage.

Probably tomorrow night Tired Papa will yell down the stairs to ask me why there's a dismembered doll in his in-basket. I will then yell back ask him to put her back together so that she can be played with.

And he will because he's good with this kinda thing.

And this will make me happy because there's got to be some reward in this world for being wholesome.


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