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It’s not that type of limb!

We spent the last two weeks up at the cottage.

Yes, it was very nice. Thank you for asking.

Our cottage is on a lake and it has trees right up to the sides of the cottage which means we have many many many branches and twigs lying around the property.

So, part way through the first week of our vacation I decided that my son, hubby and I should get busy and cut up some of these branches for firewood.

Yep, I was on a clean up mission.

And yep, two hours later we were on our way to the ER so my son could get four stitches put in his hand.

The new saw I bought to cut up all these branches into firewood?

It's um, sharp.

And yeah, he's fine but he's not using that saw again anytime soon. 

Anyone know how much a bag of firewood costs?


Big sigh.

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