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Another wild and crazy Friday night..

As I was sitting out tonight looking at the stars, my husband made me a cup of tea and my son got me a blanket because I told them I was cold.

Yes, I have good men in my life.

But I can't help but reflect that twenty years ago on a Friday night I wouldn't have been sitting around looking at stars and sipping tea.

But that's what I did tonight. And maybe I should have been out looking for a party but, honestly? I was completely content with my men and my tea.

And yep, I know this means I am getting old.


Anyone know where the time goes?

4 thoughts on “Another wild and crazy Friday night..

  1. It seems like the parties weren’t really anything to get all that excited about in truth, but I do share your contentment for the company of a couple of good men of one’s own. (Wow. That sounds pretty racy if taken out of context for a couple of old ladies.)


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