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It’s all good

Tired Papa and I have been married for seventeen years tomorrow.

Seventeen years.

That's a long time. 

As my youngest daughter and I were driving to dance tonight she told me that her Dad and I should do something special for our anniversary.

'Like what?' I asked.

'Like go downtown and go out for a romantic dinner,' she replied.

I reminded her that on our anniversary her father and I would be running between her two dance recitals and her brother's baseball tournament. I don't think we'll even have time to have a burger together tomorrow, never mind a whole romantic meal.

'That's bad,' she said. 

But you know what? I'm not so sure it is. 

If you had told me seventeen years ago that I would be spending my anniversary today still happily married to the same guy and that I'd be spending the day enjoying activities with our beautiful healthy children, I think I would have been okay with that.

I'm still okay with that.

Happy Anniversary Hun.

Oh, but can I get a rain check on the whole romantic dinner idea? That sounds kinda nice too.

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