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Hello? Are you even listening? Wait, don’t answer that.

Most mornings Tired Papa drops our teen off at high school. They both have early start times and, since he goes right by her school on the way to his office, it works out well. My teen is not a morning person and I don't think she would ever get to school on time any other way.

This morning, as I was in the kitchen making breakfast, Tired Papa was there waiting for the teen to finish getting ready for school and he asked me what I had planned for the day.

So, I told him about our youngest daughter's dance recital rehearsal happening tonight, about our son's baseball game and about our teen's swimming lesson. All these activities are scheduled to start at the same time so I even fussed a little about how I was going to get all three kids fed and where they needed to be at the right time.

I then told him about the volunteer work I had to do today, that I had to get on-line and pick my courses for next term and I detailed for him the multiple furniture purchases I am in the middle of making for our cottage.

I told him the guy installing our fence and the HVac contractors were meeting with me today during the lunch hour.

I fascinated him with the problem I was having with one of the teachers at the kid's school and then I reminded him about how busy the weekend was going to be with a baseball tournament and a dance recital both happening along with a scheduled Sunday trip to go up north.

I then told my husband about a friend of ours who was worried about a health concern and then I think I even showed him our daughter's history test that I had to sign. I also reminded him that our son starts his school exams this week and that he might need his Dad's help with some math review.

Then I stopped chatting long enough to ask him a question. 

He just blinked at me.

Then –

'What was all that, honey? I'm sorry, but I was thinking about something else,' he replied.


Tired Papa and I have been together for over twenty years.

I know him. I know better.

'I was just saying that I need you to leave work on time today so that you can be at our son's baseball game for six tonight,' I answered.

'I can do that,' he replied, and then he kissed me and happily left to find our teen so they could be on their way. 

And this, my friends?

This is why I have girl-friends.

Because from time to time? I just want someone to listen to me.


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