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Sweet and uh, gross too

We're creating a new laundry room.

I know you're excited to share this news with me. But since I am moving my laundry room from my dark creepy basement to the second floor of my house, where all our bedrooms are located, it's a good thing.

It's a really good thing.

Last Friday my contractor informed me that he would be moving my washer and dryer upstairs on Monday. He told me that I would be without my appliances for the day so that his guys could haul them upstairs, run a gas line and get them hooked back up.

No problem.

I made sure that in between music lessons, baseball, dance, swimming and birthday parties over the weekend I got all my laundry done.

All. of. it.

So, I shouldn't have been surprised when at about 4 am on Monday morning I heard the pitter-patter of medium sized feet enter my room to inform me that their owner's stomach hurt.

Yep, the one day when we don't have a washer and dryer, the stomach flu hit our house.


You know you have good friends when they offer to haul your smelly vomit filled kid's sheets over to their house so they can wash them for you.


Gross too.

But very sweet. 

4 thoughts on “Sweet and uh, gross too

  1. Seriously, it is like the universe knows when to do stuff like that!! Have fun with the new laundry room 🙂 Well, as much fun as one can have in a laundry room.


  2. That is true friendship. Our laundry room is on the second floor, too, right in the middle of the bedrooms. I can’t imagine having it in the basement. Soooo, good for you!
    I hate vomit sheets.


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