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I do. I did. I would again. But still….

I was looking at my relationship status box today on Facebook and realized that it says that I'm married.

This of course should not shock me because I am married.

I've been married for a while too – seventeen years in fact. 

I'm married and I'm happily married, but I'm uh, still married.

The problem?

It sounds so permanent and uh, oldish. 

I still don't think of myself as married. I mean, I was there, I said the vows, we were in a church and everything but deep down I still think of myself as being about nineteen. 

Seriously, I'm too young to be married and have kids. I don't care what my birth certificate says.


Does this mean I'm having a mid-life crisis?

Cool. I've always wanted a little red sports car.

And Tired Papa? You can come for a ride in it too. You'll just have to pretend you're my boy-friend instead of my husband for a few hours.

That should work.

Oh, and does anyone know how to delete that pesky Facebook relationship status box? It's just annoying. 

2 thoughts on “I do. I did. I would again. But still….

  1. I haven’t really thought about whether I am married or not. I mean, I know I am married, but I tend not to think about it. Good thing I can’t figure out how to find the status box you mentioned.


  2. Being married is good because think about it, if you were not married you would have to venture into the dating world and I don’t know about you but I am too old for that.


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