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Today is the day when I'm going to catch up.

I'm a little behind. Today I will answer e-mails, update my-day timer, read my course materials, put up curtains, get groceries and do laundry.

Today I am planning on doing all the things I've been falling behind on.

But I'm also tired from doing all the the things that I was doing when I should have been doing all these things that I'm behind on.

Got that?

So, what am I tackling first?

I think I'm going to go for a walk in my garden because it's spring and from my office window I can see that things are starting to come up.

It's spring!

So, this might just mean my family is going to have a few more days of wearing dirty clothes and eating take-out.

Sorry guys, but I hear birds outside and uh, my flowers need me.

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