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I’m just a happy (and cheap) kinda gal.

Today as I was at Home Depot shopping for some cabinet hooks, I spied a pretty pink and white flowering Azalea for sale.

It was spring like, it was colorful and it was uh, pretty.

So I bought it.

Since I had to go straight from Home Depot to pick up assorted children from their assorted schools the Azalea rode with me in the front cup holder of my van to do the pick-ups.

When my daughter got in the van, she looked at the potted flower and asked me what it was.

'It's an Azalea,' I told her. 'It was so cheerful that it made me happy and so I bought it.'

'You know Mom,' she informed me. 'You do that a lot. When you see some silly thing in the store that makes you smile, you buy it and then you tell everyone you bought it because it made you happy.'

I do?

Okay, I might.

So, what? Does she think I should buy things that make me frown instead?

Besides it was only a $4.99 plant. 

It could be worse, it could take diamonds or expensive stuff to make me smile. 

Tired Papa is a very lucky man, don't ya think?

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