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What’s the difference?

I have a daughter who loves theater and a son who loves hockey.

I do everything I can to support both my children as they pursue their activity of choice.

As I was watching my son play in his hockey play-offs today all the parents were yelling directions at their kids from the stands telling their offspring what to do and how to play better.

They were uh, lunatics.

As I was listening to my fellow hockey parents 'coach' their off-spring  I started wondering what would happen if I was to yell directions at my daughter when she was on stage performing in her school musical.

Could you imagine me acting like a hockey Mom at the theater while she was on stage? I could have directed her from my seat, telling her where to stand and how to sing. I could have helped her!

Ah, no.

And no, of course I didn't do it.

If I had several people would have wanted to kill me. Actually had I yelled at any of the young thespians I would have been escorted from the building.

And you know what?

I think we should start considering doing this to those helpful parents at the hockey rinks too. 

Just sayin'.

8 thoughts on “What’s the difference?

  1. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t sit and listen to those crazy hockey/soccer parents. I don’t get the point as it is, but to have the parents act like that, I’m sure I’d probably just quit going.


  2. As a mom of both a hockey player and a dancer, let me assure you, the hockey players don’t hear a word that is screamed at them except from the coaches on the bench. And stage/dance moms could easily take a hockey mom in a cat fight. MEOW!!!!!


  3. I would love to see you yell at the theater kids, just once. For some reason, it is perfectly acceptable to treat children one way during sports that would get you reported to child services in any other setting.


  4. This made me laugh! During my kids sports games, I would indeed be yelling from the sidelines…
    But, during a theatre performance? I’d be banned for life, and I like it there way too much! My 14 (egads, 15 next month) year old is involved in her third production…many more to come! 🙂 Congrats to your Sally Brown, btw! Awesome!


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