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A gold medal performance

I'm an Olympic junkie.

I love cheering for my country and I am thrilled when the athletes representing it do well.

I am very patriotic and I truly believe that I live in the best country in the world.

I do.

I also have huge amounts of appreciation for the skill, dedication and perseverance of everyone who is at the Olympics competing.

We are only two days into the competitions but I have already explained to my children how winning a bronze medal is a great accomplishment. 

I have explained to my kids how you don't lose gold when you win silver.

I've explained how just making it onto an Olympic team is a lot of work and is a privilege that few people achieve. 

I think all my talking is falling on deaf ears however.

Oh well, I will keep talking because I think telling them this stuff is important.

And you know what? If lecturing my kids was an Olympic event?

I'd win the gold every time. 

Just sayin'.

3 thoughts on “A gold medal performance

  1. Lecturing kids is also unfortunately a marathon not a sprint! 🙂
    We are junkies at our house too. I love see sports that I don’t normally see on TV. Curling is on of my favorites 😛


  2. My kids would definitely say that I could beat you at lecturing. It sounds like you are giving them great messages and they are sinking in even if it doesn’t seem like it.


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