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More rules

At six-thirty this morning my younger daughter marched into the kitchen and announced to me that her older brother was out shoveling the snow off the driveway in his pajamas.

Youngest daughter had gotten a lecture from me this past summer for going out to play one morning in her nightgown and I guess she wanted to make sure the lectures were going to be fairly distributed.

'That's okay,' I replied. 'It's still dark out and he has a coat over top of them.'

'So, it's okay to be outside in your pajamas when it's dark out?' she asked.

'Yes,' I replied, 'but only in the mornings before seven and only when you're working and have a coat on.'

'Oh,' she replied. She left the kitchen satisfied with my answer.

My baby is now almost ten years old, I wonder how much longer I have before she realizes that I'm just making this stuff up as I go along?

Ah well, at least the walkway is cleared.

7 thoughts on “More rules

  1. For nearly 30 years I believed I’d actually beaten my father in a chess game. It was only about five years ago, when my son started playing chess and my dad confided that he let each of his kids and grandchildren beat him once, that my bubble was finally burst. I told him I could have gone the rest of my life believing I’d beaten him legitimately.
    So there’s hope for you. Never tell her otherwise and she might believe what you tell her now for the rest of her life.


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