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Hockey Nights in Canada

Over the Christmas holidays Tired Papa and our son built themselves a hockey rink in our backyard.

It's nice. They built boards and put a heater in the pool house to work as a little warm change room and they even put up nets to stop all the pucks from breaking my kitchen windows.

My hubby and our boy go out there when it's dark and cold and they shovel, sweep and flood their rink.

The kids of the neighborhood and my younger children have been using the rink a lot. It's great exercise for everyone and they all have a great time outside.

Me? I've been making a lot of hot chocolate and popcorn this winter.

Do you know what I like most about the ice rink though?

I like looking out my kitchen window and watching my two boys working on the rink and then playing hockey together.

They're not just making an ice rink, they are creating memories. Memories of a father and son working together, creating something together. 

It's good.

Really, really good.

And all the dead grass I'm gonna have back there in the spring?

Totally worth it.

5 thoughts on “Hockey Nights in Canada

  1. That’s cool! My husband wanted to make a rink in our backyard but at the time our son was just a baby.
    Hmm..maybe we should try next time.
    I have a pair of hockey skates, and I do have a wicked slap shot!
    Enjoy those hockey nights! 🙂


  2. The boy built a rink in our yard this year, too. He got it finished just in time to get a bunch of Christmas and birthday money, and buy himself a snowmobile. The rink never got used once. *sigh*


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