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Learn from me

IF you happen to have a young child in the house and you HAPPEN to be in the bathroom standing at the sink doing their hair in the near future and IF you're over uh, thirty?

DO NOT put your hands on your child's shoulders and take your face and put it next to theirs and smile in the mirror at the two of you.

Because if you do, your skin will look OLD and WRINKLED and well just, AWFUL next to your child's gorgeous creamy even-toned plumped complexion.

Trust me on this one. Do not try this for yourself.

I'm still trying to recover.

6 thoughts on “Learn from me

  1. Unless the child has the bane of pubescent skin. Then those parenthesis framing the nose and mouth and fine lines highlighting the eye area seem like a reasonable price to pay for not enduring acne on a regular basis. Very reasonable trade in my book.


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