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No. Just no, okay?

I knew that parenting would be a challenge. I knew I would make mistakes.

What I didn't realize before I became a parent was how much negotiating I would have to do.

And I'm okay negotiating with my husband and for work.

It's the negotiating with my kids that is starting to drive me crazy.

There's the bedtime negotiating. That whine for just five more minutes.

There's the homework negotiating. The plea for putting it off for a while.

There's the 'who gets to sit in the front seat' fight that I seem to always be negotiating.

There's the ' yes, you HAVE to wear your winter coat to school' discussion I must negotiate EVERY flippin morning.

You know what? It is wearing me out.

All this negotiating, and the bickering that goes along with it, is driving me crazy.

I need a vacation. A looooong vacation.

Where should we go?

7 thoughts on “No. Just no, okay?

  1. I finally banned two of my kids from the front seat because I was soooooo tired of them fighting over it and expecting me to keep track of who sat there last. Oh and don’t get me started on practicing piano…


  2. So very well said. I think this is the most weary-ing part of parenthood — the constant need to justify every single decision. Some days it’s so hard to keep up the fight — you just want to throw in the towel and say FINE, have cake for dinner! Stay up until midnight! Don’t bother to brush your teeth! Growl.


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