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Ah-ha! Darn.

You know those 'ah-ha' moments that Oprah and people like her talk about? Those moments when something you didn't know before suddenly becomes stunningly clear?

Well, I had one of those moments tonight.

I was picking up my children's discarded coats from the back hall floor and I asked my ticked off self, when my kids would finally be old enough to come in the door and hang their coats up themselves.

And then I thought to myself, they probably won't do it until they have to pay for their darn coats themselves.

Ah ha!

I think I'm right.

I'm sorta depressed by the thought mind you, but I think I'm right.

Is nine years old too young for me to force my child to get a job to pay for her own clothes?

I thought so.


8 thoughts on “Ah-ha! Darn.

  1. This very evening I stood in the kitchen staring down at the floor. Satring at the floor because my 9 year old’s jacket was lying in the middle of the kitchen floor. Why? I do not know.


  2. Must me something in the air, because I too was thinking this very thing last night! Weird.
    Then, I realized that the day will come way too fast, when my house is empty, and I’m old and alone, and wish for the days when I had little coats and mittens to put away … lol
    Hope you had a wonderful New Years Day!! 😉


  3. I try to remember that they’ll be gone someday and I’ll miss the coats on the floor, but I am deeply distracted by THE COATS ON THE FLOOR. And the muddy shoes. And the toys. And papers. And books. I figure they’ll get it someday. Sigh…


  4. i just had a moment like that. while putting some towels away in the bathroom closet i saw the toilet lid left up yet again. this time instead of muttering and putting it down i questioned all three men in the house until i found the culprit and made him go back and put the seat down.
    something tells me this is going to take a long time — to get them to learn this.


  5. It really doesn’t seem to matter with my 17 year old – she buys all her own clothes which she feels gives her the right to leave them anywhere she wants. Have you ever watched “Hoarders” on A & E? I told Allison if she didn’t get herself organized that’s what she would turn into. She became quite angry with me and then went and cleaned her room… Ha!!!


  6. I don’t know how I accomplished it, but out of 4 children, my 11 year old is the only one who hangs up her coat. The rest leave them where they took them off.


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