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The downside of Christmas

Is it just here or is anyone else's house um, trashed?

Yep, there have been three children and a husband home for the last week or so and I don't think any of them have done any cleaning, picking up or tidying. 

There is Christmas clutter on top of normal clutter on top of uh, more stuff.

It's a mess here.

I don't want to clean up. I don't want to argue with my family about tidying up.

But really? This has gotten out of hand. Our house is a mess. We NEED to start cleaning up and putting stuff away.

Let the nagging begin.


7 thoughts on “The downside of Christmas

  1. I told my kids Santa doesn’t come to dirty houses. Well that and I YELLED at them to get it cleaned up. Now I am using the “You can’t go to your cousins New Years Eve party if you room looks like Santa threw up in there” line. It seems to be working so far!!!!


  2. I work all day and the kid is home all day. I clean before I work at 6am and come home to a totally messy house! how can one boy alone do so much damage!? Have a great New Years! ! !


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