Tonight I'm working on writing out my Christmas cards.

I had decided I wasn't going to send out cards this year, but I changed my mind.


I have no idea.

I know that Christmas cards are expensive and are not environmentally friendly but you know what?

I like getting them and I even like sending them.

I like thinking about the people I'm sending  cards to as I write them out.

I like thinking that simply receiving a card from me might make some of my friends happy and I like knowing that the people I write to will know that I'm thinking about them.

If you don't send them? I get that. They are a lot of work.

But I'm sending mine anyway – for at least one more year.

Merry Christmas everyone.

5 thoughts on “Carded

  1. I love to send or receive hand-written notes and cards. It simply says that someone took an extra moment to be thoughtful, but I can certainly see where others might feel that it is a waste of resources when an e-card can send similar greetings.


  2. I still do them too – I love receiving and sending them, the beginning of the tradition itself signifying “I am a grown-up” so many years ago, I just can’t let go 🙂
    Natalie @YMCbuzz


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