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Do not open the Visa bill.

I am blessed with having two beautiful, talented, brilliant and sweet daughters. One will be fifteen in a few months, the other is nine.

As I was sorting my Christmas purchases into piles this morning, I couldn't help but notice that one of my daughter's piles was rather large and the other one uh, wasn't.

Why is it easier to buy for younger children than older kids?

Why is it so much cheaper to buy big sparkly things for younger children?

Why do the things for my younger children look so much bigger than the things for their big sister?

I've actually spent more money on my older daughter than on my younger daughter, it just doesn't look that way. 

Santa, if you have any free time I could use some help over here.


Maybe I'll just wrap my older daughter's presents in bigger boxes….

4 thoughts on “Do not open the Visa bill.

  1. I go through it every year, with mine being 7 years apart. Luckily, the older one mostly gets it. And I usually manage to find some last minute deals on larger-sized “filler” type gifts, like puzzles, board games, etc.


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