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Advent Calendars are evil

Advent calendars are evil.

Yes, they are.

Why? Well, they are evil mainly because they cause stress.

Every time I look at our advent calendar I am reminded of how few days there are left before Christmas and then I start to panic about everything that still needs to be done. 

Advent calendars = Stress = Evil.

I also made the mistake of buying one of those pretty little advent calendars that you can fill yourself.

3 kids + 25 advent calendar pockets to fill = 75 things = More Stress = Evil.

Yes, I have to come up with seventy-five different things to put in the advent calendar every December. On top of the stockings, presents, cooking, cleaning, card writing, decorating, visiting, celebrating and gosh knows what else, I also have to come up with seventy-five love notes, chocolates or small toys to fill the stupid advent calendar with.

I don't have time for all of this.

It's evil, I tell you.


5 thoughts on “Advent Calendars are evil

  1. I should bookmark this post. Sometimes I feel guilty for presenting our lovies with the generic pre-filled Advent calender featuring little paper doors that open to reveal a teensy chocolate of highly questionable quality in order to mark off the days counting down toward Christmas. I am feeling that guilt evaporate at the very idea of 75 wee, little whatzits.


  2. Yes, I would say they are evil! We have an advent quilt. πŸ™‚ We hang it up and the kids add an ornament to the tree on the quilt every day until Christmas. Much less stress!


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