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It’s beginning to look a little like…

It's the first of December.

So far this month?

I've already killed a poinsettia by over watering it. Seriously, it's December 1st, isn't there a law or something that says you can't kill a poinsettia the first week you get it?

Secondly, I forgot to fill the advent calendar before the kids came down this morning. Sorry, guys.

And finally? The cat is eating the Christmas village. It seems our kitten likes the taste of those little green plasticy-woody pretend tree things. All of my little village trees have tiny cat bites out of them now, it's like something out of an old Japanese monster movie. If they could, all the little village ceramic people would be running away and hiding.


Can we just skip through to January? I'm not sure I want to continue preparing for Christmas if this is the way things are going to go.


8 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a little like…

  1. I was telling the boys this past week about how terrible our tree used to look when we had a tree. He climbed it often and it would topple over. he would play with any ornament that would dangle within 2 feet of the ground. It was a pathetic tree back then. Now it is overrun with star wars ornaments and scooby doo and homemade clay things too heavy for a branch and hand painted bells. Not martha stuart, but lovely to me.


  2. We had a poinsettia once. It did not end well. Oddly enough, the silly thing recovered after I stuffed it in a closet so no one would see what I had done (or failed to do?).
    Giggling over the description of your Christmas village as a monster movie set. I think our tree is Mt. Everest, and our cats are the ultimate adventurers.


  3. I am with you. Lets skip right to January! My tree has no orniments 2 feet and under. Our new orange kitte whomps them away every night. Its not a very nice tree this year for sure 😦


  4. – Sophie the Terrible(the dog)has “pillaged the village” and cleaned out the town – it’s like Chernoble – no people, no trees – We have set up a little graveyard for our Christmas Village this year.


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