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He’s just nice.

Last week I had to take my darling daughter shopping for an outfit to wear to a family wedding.

Since my eldest daughter doesn't like to shop, I knew the trip was going to be difficult – and yes, that's an understatement.

When I came out of the mall after a stressful few hours I was surprised to find that my van had been moved in the parking lot. Yep, it had been moved three spots away.

No, I was not losing my mind.

My van was also clean and full of gas.

The note inside said this was a gift from my secret admirer.

Yep, while I was inside the mall Tired-Papa had driven there, picked up our van, filled it with gas, washed it and returned it to the lot.

Personally? I think it's the sweetest thing ever.

Some ladies that I know? Told me that he must be feeling guilty about something or having an affair.

Ah no, he's not. He was being NICE.

And he is nice - very nice. And that is just one of the many reasons why I love Tired-Papa so much.

Thanks, hon.

10 thoughts on “He’s just nice.

  1. Oh my, I do think this is one of the most thoughtful and romantic things I’ve ever heard of. I’ve never really been a flowers and candy kind of girl — this is the kind of thing that really makes me swoon. You’ve got a keeper!


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