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Take your Child to Work Day

Today was the day in my home town where you were supposed to take your Grade 9 (Freshman) child to work with you – only if you happen to have one kicking around the house, of course.

This is a provincially run program set up to give the kids a glimpse into different job opportunities and help them see a little of what the 'real' world looks like.

So, Tired Papa took our eldest daughter to work with him today.

She had a good time and seemed to enjoy herself. The only problem she had was everyone kept telling her all day that she looked like uh, me.

Um, people? Although I am not coyote ugly, no fourteen year old wants to be told all day that she looks like her forty-something year old Mom.

Just sayin'. 

And yes, I do find the whole thing funny – in an evil sort of way.


12 thoughts on “Take your Child to Work Day

  1. Some day, she will probably be thrilled to be told she looks like you. Unfortunately, that time is not when she is in Grade 9. In a few years, it will be quite the compliment.


  2. I’m sure she loved it. According to my MIL my children don’t look anything like me.
    When I was growing up I heard “You look like your brother” and he heard “You look like your sister”. Try living with that as a teen.


  3. My oldest is told she looks like me. And talks like me. And stands like me. And gestures…you get the picture! They mind this comparison less as they get older thank god.)


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