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Happy Halloween!

I hate Halloween. I do.

I love most other holidays but I must admit I can't see the point of Halloween.

Yes, my kids are all going out to get candy. Yes, my house is decorated and yes, everyone is in costume. But to me it seems like a lot of bother for some candy.

I also hate the excessive amounts of candy that my kids get for Halloween. We get so much candy that we can't even eat it all. I usually end up chopping most of it up and making it into cookies. 

Mind you I like the cookies.

Maybe there's something good to be said about Halloween after all.

Boo Humbug. Enjoy.

8 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Happy Halloween to you! I hate Halloween but I do like the candy :). I use alot of the candy to cook with too (in fact, I make the kids pick out the candy I can cook with before anyone eats anything).


  2. I usually like Halloween and we typically have a lot of fun with it (and, no, we don’t usually get a huge amount of candy, my kids actually prefer to hand it out!). This year, though, I was just not feeling it… not at all.


  3. I usually give my kids candy to the orphanage as a treat because they don’t get candy very often as it’s too expensive. So come Halloween or Christmas, they get candy from us! Amongst other things…..


  4. I totally hear ya! I cannot stand Halloween. Such a strang ‘holiday’.
    We tell our kids all year ‘Do NOT ever talk to strangers’
    Then on October 31 we force them to walk up to complete strangers houses and ask for candy. WTH?
    “Boo Humbug” 🙂


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